At Collective is an independent and dynamic family of agents, producers and artists dedicated to insightful storytelling.

We focus on the details - listening and responding to the creative landscape around us to meet the needs of every brief, and acting with agillity and precision to create campaigns with impact.

Through a trusted relationship with our roster, we create visual stories that resonate with people and brands looking to better connect with their audiences.

Who we are

We are a team of dynamic individuals, all specialists within our fields. We’re driven by a love for photography and come together in creative ways to produce work we’re proud of.

  • Skye Trayler Managing Agent
  • George Corbin Managing Director
  • Kay Edwards Head of Production
  • Vicki Pettifer Senior Producer
  • Charlotte Dale Senior Agent
  • Chris Sutherland Agent
  • Georgina Bernard Head of Finance
  • Lucia Harry Social & Content Creative

How we do things

We hold sustainability at the heart of our productions and office life. Through training, collaboration and partnering with eco-conscious companies and organisations, we continually strive to ensure our shoots are kinder to the environment. As a business we take the time to make greener decisions that benefit people and the planet, we figure we are all in this for the long game.

Three Pillars


On the move

Across At Collective we use electric and ULEZ-compliant vehicles, public transport and push bikes as much as possible. On set we discourage driving to and from shoots if it can be avoided, instead fly the flag for vehicle sharing and work with sustainably conscious companies such as Gripvan for providing equipment and logistics.



We source local caterers to minimise transporting food, provide tap water and all food is vegetarian where possible. As well as, donating any leftovers to Olio, City Harvest and food banks. As a rule, there is no single-use plastic on set.

We are all too aware of the waste if items are only used once, so where possible we use model’s own clothing and hire from props and wardrobe companies.


Our Carbon Impact

We are currently undertaking a programme of monitoring and assessing our wider carbon emissions as a company, so we can look at where further reduction can be made - for example, by looking at energy provision, logistics or office procurement. Many clients we work with are signed up to AdGreen, so we regularly input into this tool in order to better understand how we can reduce carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of our production.